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Would you like to bring art into your home? Are you interested in creating wonderful, lasting 3D projects yourself or with your children? Now you can!

Our take home kits are easy and FUN!

What's included?

Tools, a clay working mat, 'magic' water for attaching clay pieces to your project, a brush, a scoring (scratching tool), a roller tool, a pencil, a ruler, project direction sheets, with tips and tricks, 

  • Check out the available projects below.

  • Email us here to let us know you want to pick up a project box.

  • Pay for your kit here.

  • Let us know in your email when (day and approximate time) you would like to pick up your kit. 

  • Pick up your kit and create your project.

  • Drop off your project, (we even have a drop off box outside) we will call you when it's glazed and fired! Approximately a three-week turnaround.

Projects you can make:

-Pinch pot monster/bug

-Slab built succulent planter

-Knee or elbow bowl 

-Or design your own project!

Use texture found in your home or outside from nature!

Kits come with everything you need to make your project.

Suggested for ages 6 and up

Once your project is returned to the CCC, you can choose from one of our four favorite glazes!

  1. Blue

  2. Chocolate chip

  3. Speckled stone

  4. Matte black

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