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COVID-19 update at the CCC.

We are asking all to stay home and follow recommended guidelines for slowing the spread of this terrible virus. While we understand that young and healthy customers are less likely to be affected by the illness in a life threatening manner, we also are keenly aware that many in our communities are elderly and/or immunocompromised and cannot afford to contract this flu.
Therefore by closing we are limiting the exponential spread of COVID-19.

We have always followed the public school lead and closed due to inclement weather in order to keep our customers safe, and we believe that by closing now we are also helping to keep our customers safe.

We will be allowing shelfies and current customers to contact us through email at communityclaycenter@gmail.com if they would like to pick up work or supplies.

We will happily pack up and leave work/clay outside for you to pick up in order that you may continue to be creative in your home space.

We are working on a program to encourage your learning and growth as ceramic artists with digital content. Please look for updates on Facebook and our website and in your email boxes.

Thank you for being considerate and understanding. We are all in this together, our community, our country and our global community.
The CCC believes that by following these protocols of not gathering in small spaces and encouraging our customers to stay home, we will help our local medical communities respond to the continually difficult challenges ahead.

Be safe. Wash your hands for 20 seconds. Do not visit with others including family members. Keep social distance in public places. Do not touch your face without thoroughly washing your hands.

We look forward to being able to be together again soon!

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